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Hague System For International Registration For Industrial Design

It is a treaty which allows to those who joined to work according to simple measurements for protection industrial design in these countries in only one registration , the WIPO manages this treaty.
Hague agreement was in 1925 and puts into force in 1928. It reviewed in three occasions. It becomes London document 1934, Hague documents 1960, and Geneva document. All these documents put into force . Hague union contains 41 countries.
Moat of them are members in one or more of the Hague agreement documents .
- 15 Countries are members in document of 1934.
- 31 Countries are members in document of 1960 .
- 17 Countries are members in document of 1999.
European Union, recently joined to the agreement.
The common united system of a Hague agreement has put into force in the first of April in 2004.
The administrative instructions issued by the general manager of the WIPO for applying Hague agreement .It, also , put into force in the first of April in 2004.
The aims of Hague agreement and the way of doing it :
The aim of Hague agreement is to present simple , fast and economic measurements for the citizen of the countries which aims at protect their industrial design in these countries through presenting one registration application.
The contracting countries reformed. The designated office could give refusal to the protection of design or designs in the international application at the same time s in which the international law applies . In the case of refusal the international application , the owner of the international application has the same national rights in the designated countries. The period of protection is five years from the date of registration.
It renewed two additional periods. Every period is five years . At least , 15 years for every contracting part for protection from the date of international registration. In the condition of registration renewal.
If the national law dictates to period more than 15 years for the contracting part for drawings and industrial designs by the national part , it is allowed to renew the international registration such contracting part for additional periods. Every period is five years till the end of protection period.
Geneva document is as connection for Hague agreement . It connects between the European group for designs which includes the countries or European union and the system of African Organization for intellectual property.
The member of the organizing countries 41,recently.
In 2004, 9000 applications of design has been deposited.
The total number of the designs has become 32450 industrial design for 10850 holders.
The medium value for the cost of the international application is about 800$ for the protection of five industrial designs in 11 designated countries .
There is developed technical information system which gives all information about the industrial design which are registered international.
It ,also, published monthly on the internet .
The applications present whether in English or in French language.

The Characteristics for the Syrian deposited:
- The ability of protection the Syrian industrial designs internationally with low cost. In addition, it saves the costs of translation and preparing the documents because the international application presents in one language.
It does not need to be presented in the language of the deposited country.

The requirement reasons:
When Syria joins to Hague agreement, this will give additional income to the directorate of property industrial and commercial protection.
The directorate will get 42 Swiss franc for registration of the first design, 2 swiss franc for every additional design.
Joining to Hague agreement give wide domain for investment in Syrian Arab Republic . The foreign product will resort to industrialization in Syria after he has got protection of his rights through international registration for his industrial design . Syria does not pay any additional fees.
Joining to Hague agreement is one of the conditions in European Syrian partnership agreement.
There are no negative effects comes from joining to Hague agreement ( Geneva documents) where one can refuse the international application in which the directorate of industrial and commercial property does not see it matching the law and systems of the drawing and industrial design.

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Hague System For International Registration For Industrial Design

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