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Local Industrial Drawings Registration

What is the industrial drawings ?
It is every harmonize for lines or prominent colors which are on the products in a distinguish and new style. It gives the product especial from distinguish it from other services and goods whether it did manually , or by computers. This includes the designing textiles and other materials.

What is the industrial design?
It is the external form for any embossed whether it is related with lines or colors or not. The industrial design has to be new and distinguished that able to be used for industrial products or other products.

The drawings and designs, for example, includes textiles which has printed drawing or colored papers which are for covering walls or for packaging materials and services. New designs for dresses,coats,hats,headgear and accessories such as shoes , underwear , bottles , wine containers , alcoholic beverages , food , syrup , perfumes and its form. In other words , the external form for any goods.

What are the drawings or industrial design which are able to be registered or the one who are not able to be registered?
The drawings and industrial designs which are able to registered are the ones who are new, distinguished and have external quality different from others.

The industrial design and drawing consider new if no one reveal it in the world in the way of using it or by publishing it whether before the registration application or before the date of priority application

- The drawings and industrial design do not consider new and distinguish if do not different mainly from others or it used for other products.