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Geographical Indications

It is the indications which specify the origin of the products in country since the quality of the product or any other characteristics may effect the promotion of the product which, essentially, refers to the Geographical origin. One of the conditions of the protection of geographical indications is that it has to has protection in its origin and still have this protection.

Country of Origin :
It is the country which it is name represent the product . In other words, it is the country in which the product comes from .
One of the conditions of registration mark which it has Geographical indication is that the production of such product in this geographical area has to be produced ,continually, under the knowledge of the registration holder .The application form should be attached with certificate of origin .
No one is allowed to produce products which has geographical indication that mislead
People and gives the impression that the source of this product is the same source of the well- known products.

What is the differences between the geographical indication and the trademark?
Trademark is sign which the company making use of to distinguish its products and services . It , also, gives its holder right to prevent others from making use of it .
Geographical indication : it clarifies that the product comes from certain place.
In addition , it has certain qualities refers to the place of production.

How could Geographical data protected internationally ?
By Paris agreement which includes the protection of the industrial property in 1883.
By, also, Lisbon agreement which includes the protection of names of origin