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Local Trademarks Registration

What is The Trademark ?
It is every sign which distinguishes products or normal man services . The identifying mark might be names, symbols, words, letters, drawings, numbers, pictures, signatures, stamps, prominent carve, names or shops, colors , hierarchy colors, form of products which take special form.

What is The Function of Trademark ?
Trademark gives protection by the exclusive right for the holder to make use or it by limiting goods and services and , also, by giving declaration for another part to take advantage of them for award . The trademark registration can be renewed many times by paying additional fees.

What are The collective trademark ?

Collective trademark are marks which distinguishes products or many people services who are belonging to certain entity having legal personality . The application form presented by a representative of this entity to use by them according to the instructions in which the holders of this trademark agree to.

Collective Supervision Mark is the mark which is chosen to put on products or services to indicate doing examination or supervision for these products or services
This examination includes it sources , natures, its features and the way of producting it .

Famous Mark :
In Syria , the holder of the famous and identifying mark has the right to ask the court to cancel or prevent others from using such trademark. He , also, has the right to cancel every trademark which are similar to it. Even if it is not registered . In fact , such marks lead one think that there is relation between the famous and identifying mark, and the similar mark. This will lead to harm the famous mark .

Documents For Registration Identifying Mark:
/15/ Adhesive papers which includes required trademark.
Sworn translation if the trademark is not Arabic .
Copy of identify card .
Trade logbook if the applicant is company .
Receipt with 5000 s.p taken from the divah .
Application form with 100 s.p taken from the divah.
The holder presents the application form personally or through representative.

What are the Fees of Registration or Renewal Trademark:
Fees Form :
1-Fees of demanding trademark registration .
2- Fees of registration trademark .
3- Fees of demanding renewal for the trademark.
4- Fees of delaying the renewal for the trademark.
5- Fees of abandonment of the registration application .
6- Fees of objection on the directorate decisions.
7- Fees of conveying property of the trademark .
8- Fees of elimination of detention or case indication or stopping the trademark.
9- Fees of licensing using trademark or changing the trademark for the sake of licensing.
10- Fees of other things such as cancellation , changing the name or the address or representative or correction for the trademark.
11- The fee of certification or copy or any document.
12- Fees of delaying registration any documents.